Mickey’s Philosophy


Humans live to survive, artists live to experience all that is beautiful.

Individuality is the paragon of life, whether it’s biodiversity or differences in opinion, all that is worth it’s attained value has been through it’s own tests.

Art has been much debated but has been appreciated even more so. Art in a sense of the aural, the visual, the art made by man and nature. Whether it is a child savouring the sensations of a packet of jelly candy or a man feeling the well-cut seams and fine material of a tailormade suit, art is everywhere we seek it. Art is slow, deliberate appreciation of regular moments and holding on to them.

I believe in my art and what it can achieve. Believe in yours and realize with your eyes what your mind has already seen.

I’m afraid my iPad doesn’t support video uploads from external sources so I can’t showcase my vfx work yet. Keep an eye out though, it’s only a matter of time

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